Wednesday, May 7, 2014

sure is nice out, ain't it?

PRICK BIGOT tapes are half-released!  The band has their copies and you can get em at Static Age Records in downtown Asheville, maybe Harvest in West Asheville, too.

 SWAMP APE tapes are just around the corner, we're just finishing up some packaging/extra goodies/alchemy.

Asheville's heaviest doom crusters, UNINHABITABLE, are in the midst of recording now, and we'll be releasing whatever becomes of that!

Otherwise, the distro's been updated (check out the new 12" from Atlanta's PARADOX), i'm wearing shorts and wiping the last flecks of winter from my eyes.  Hope the spring time is nice for ya and yer not all snotty and miserable like some folks i know.

Heck yeah.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 and whatnot

Hey it's January again, look at that.

If you're reading this, it means you're still alive and that's an amazing thing.  We're still here, too!  It's been a year since we started this idea and we've got 5 releases and some stories to show for it.  We've had a blast and can't wait to do it all over again.

So this is what we've got in the works for 2014:
-SWAMP APE cassette, title TBA. Asheville's wildest and most prolific sound creator/swamp creature.
-PRICK BIGOT cassette.  Raging and vicious hardcore punk from Asheville's new generation of punks and weirdos!
-also working on a reissue of a long lost Asheville classic, but I can't tell you anymore about it yet.

Let's do this, ya'll.

Friday, December 13, 2013

newnewnew releases!

cesspool 04 & 05 are very ready for your consumption!
check em out:

Cesspool 04 HOT MESS MONSTER- All Five of Us
Eight songs overflowing with ripping pop punk energy, pissed off passion, sassy sing alongs, and quite a bit of tuff luv. Translucent ppurple cassette and lyric sheet and cover with rad artwork all over. We're really happy and proud to have this one and hope you'll feel the same.  $4/5ppd
check out: hot mess monster's bandcamp for a lil preview.

Cesspool 05 BAD FOG- Reckoning Hour Demo
Creepy grungy gothy stonery punky rock, somewhere between L7 and the Wipers with maybe a hint of Unwound, add some spooky vocal melodies and a few more abstract descriptors and that's Bad Fog. For $4, you'll get four ladies playing five songs for about 15 min, sprinkled with weird sound clips, cool artwork and a sweet solid pink tape. However you wanna describe it, you'll wanna listen to this tape. hear for yerself: Bad Fog's bandcamp 4/5ppd    

and now our distro and releases are also available through
>>>> !$$OUR ONLINE STORE$$! <<<<<
for a slightly more aesthetically pleasing record browsing experience and maybe for those that just want their damn music and don't wanna talk to anyone.
don't worry ya can still order things by sending us an email, finding us at a show, and hassling us on the street.

take care yall & see ya in the pit (that's what i call the line at the post office)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Label and Distro UPDATE. New releases soon!

Hey hey hey, we've got a lot in the works right now!  CESSPOOL SOUNDS #4 will feature Asheville heroes HOT MESS MONSTER and their debut cassette!  They've been duplicated by our own Cesspool Sound Kreators and are waiting for artwork.  Expect these to be out in the next week or so!

Right on Hot Mess's heels is the demo tape by Asheville's all-lady dark grunge phenoms BAD FOG. Expect engaging and seductive sounds a la Wipers, L7, Siouxsie, Nirvana and Kleenex.  These will be done in time for their Atlanta show at the end of this month!

The SOUNDS FROM THE CESSPOOL comp tapes are almost gone so now may be your last chance to get one.  Act now!  We probably won't repress them.

We went to the BURNT BOOKS show last night and some copies of their AWESOME new record for the distro.  We've got it on LP and cassette and they both come with a download code.


I just got back from Austin to see ACCIDENTE play on their recent tour.  Meeting those supremely sweet kids face to face was beyond great and they put on an excellent show.  I jumped up and down and sang along and had a damn good time, even if the crowd was a little on the small side..  If you got to see them on tour, yet missed out on getting a tape, this is the place to get one!  only 5 dollars postage paid in the USA, and just a pittance more for Mexico and Canada.

I guess that's all for now!  See ya in the streets.

Ivan says hey

Sunday, August 25, 2013

ACCIDENTE Cassette release and Distro Update!

Greeting!  We've been heck of busy lately with all sorts of bullhonky, but not too busy to drop some fresh news on you.

ACCIDENTE cassettes are HERE and available NOW.  They took months and months to finally come together, but believe us, it was worth the wait.  These things are sweet as hell.  Imprinted and duped on pro-tapes, they sound clear as a digital file, but with that warm fuzzy analog halo!  Lyrics were printed in both Spanish and English for maximum efficiency, and graphics adapted to cassette format by the band themselves.  We can breathe a sigh of relief, because these things are ready just in time for Accidente's Mexico/US tour!  Dates can be found HERE.  Be on the lookout, folks in warmer climes!

Accidente cassettes are $4 / $5 postage paid.  Send us a message.

The distro has been restocked and is itching for your dirty fingers to poke through it.  Most excitingly, we have the brand new SWAMP APE Valhalla tapes!  Swoop em up now!  New additions include: Dropdead, Crudos/Spitboy split, Cola Freaks, Bastard, Warhead, Systematic Death, Templars, Adicts, Sickoids, La Fraction, Citizens Arrest, Assfactor 4, Filth, Totalitar, Burial, Carrie Nations and more!

One third of the Cesspool Sounds organization has been going through some UTTER BULLSHIT, including, but not limited to, a home invasion in which a cracked-out intruder bit a chunk out of our protagonist's arm, a knee-injury that won't stay dormant, oh and he was ran over by a minivan dad in a gas station parking lot and has missed over 2 weeks of work because of the damage to his leg.  The cops in this last incident were nothing short of totally impotent and worthless as they didn't charge the offender with anything, and let him go without breathilizing him.  Long story even longer, Paddy is seeking legal action and we are raising money for his legal expenses, medical bills and the regular ass bills he has been unable to pay because of all this.  A benefit show will be held at the Odditorium on the 12th of September.  Details can be found HERE.  If you can't make it to the show, you can donate via this paypal button at the bottom of this post.  Thanks from all of us in advance for your love and help.  We shall prevail.

CLICK TO DONATE!  any amount helps.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


We are incredibly happy to announce the release of our second tape.  TOXIC NOSTALGIA has been ripping it up here in Asheville for the last several months, and now, those unfortunate enough to have not witnessed them in action can enjoy the pulverizing qualities of their debut cassette.  I ain't callin this one a demo, because it sounds just so damn good.  The production is raw, yet clear, and I still haven't been able to get over how ferocious Lauren's vocals are on this recording.  Get ye with it, while you still can, cuz half the band is Austin, TX bound next month, but don't you fret...the remaining members will be tearing it up with new projects before you can say "move back to Asheville, Skylar and Lauren and Ryan and Justin, you traitorous fucks...we just love you too much!"  Anyhow, if you are in Asheville tonight, the place to be is Static Age Records.  Toxic Nostalgia will be getting down alongside of the fantastic SIDE EFFECTS from the Bay and DIVULGENCE from SC.  We can dry each others' tears because apparently living here means our souls are doomed to an eternity in the FIRES OF HELL.  Oh well, can't win em all.

check out the beautifully screened tape cover by Ryan!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The Sounds from the Cesspool tapes are here!  44 bands, just under 90 minutes.  Amazing art by B. Menace, Madd Maxx, Sarah Cav, Ryan Deloach and even our own Paddy Jones.   We are damn proud of these things and recommend that you buy one

If you live in Asheville, they are $4
If you were in a band on the tape they are only $2 (and ya get a special purple tape)
If you live outside of Asheville they are $6 postage paid.
If you wanna buy some distro stuff and a tape, we'd think you were real cool and will combine postage.
We can do wholesale too, just send us a message.

ordering and questions:

Don't know if you're in a band or not?  well here's the friggin list:  Dead Things, The Budget, Pox Americana, Something's Wrong, Blood Summer, Negative Feedback, Tent City Rollers, The Bite, Grouch, Princess Thunderstorm, Kakistocracy, Descolada, Nasty Ponies, Resurrectum, Sunshine SS, Bomb Threat, Flies Around It, Gut Wrenching Terror, Weapons of Masturbation, The DiMarcos, Ataxia, Party Grave, Endless Bummer, PC Penis, Killing Solves Everything, Excessive Defiance, Drunk In A Dumpster, B.A.C., Autarch, Ents, Jacuzzi Suicide, Just Die!, Black Lung Brass Band, Bill Maltba Experience, Megahurtz, Babies, Angry Tribe, Raccoon Party, Wartorn Babies, Lucrative Offer, Reagan's Bones, Studz, The Treatment and Common Visions.


ACCIDENTE tapes are just around the corner, I'm gonna guess they are less than two weeks away from release! 

We are gonna release TOXIC NOSTALGIA's debut tape as well!  tapes are ordered and I'd guess these are also less than two weeks away from release!

New Asheville band BAD FOG has been mesmerizing us with their dark, grungy, riffy sounds and has provided a much needed injection of ladydom, and we'll be releasing their first tape!  This one should be out in August!

Keep your ears open.  Exciting Times Ahead!